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Carbon Railguns

Rob Allen Carbon railbarrels are pullwound in a continuous process using 3 to 4 tons of tension. This allows the fibre loading to be maintained at a much higher level than in conventional mandrel wound tubes as used by other manufacturers. As 100 % carbon fibre is used at the highest possible loading, along with an integral rail further adding to the stiffness, the Rob Allen Carbon railbarrels are the best in
the world.Guns from the 1100 models upward have a “muzzle brake” weight fitted internally behind the muzzle. This balances the gun when aiming and reduces muzzle lift and recoil on firing.

Reef Camu

Each barrel is pressure tested twice – first with air immediately after the initial pullwinding process and then after assembly in our hydraulic test chamber to the equivalent of 40m depth for one hour.

Bluewater Camu

Rob Allen Carbon Railguns are available in lengths from 70cm to 160cm. and can pe personalized to meet your requirements.

Aluminum Railguns

Rob Allen aluminium railbarrels have the same dimension as the carbon barrels. The rail level lines up with the profile of the mechanism and the muzzle. The integral rail is part of the barrel, thus increasing stiffness and reducing flex. This makes the guns deadly accurate.

The rail barrel is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium with a wall thickness of 1.45mm and the mechanism is manufactured from glass reinforced nylon and has a solid 316 stainless steel sear.

Double Band

Rob Allen Vecta Aluminium Railguns are available in lengths from 0.7m to 1.4m.

Single Band

Impact Spears

Replacement spear barbs are available in four sizes:
85mm, 71mm, 53mm and 48mm.

Rob Allen Impact Spears are designed to fit all Euro gun mechanisms. Engineered from ultra tough oil quenched Carbon alloy spring steel thet are tempered to 2100Mpa.

Tri-cut tips (only available in 6.6mm, 7mm & 7.5mm) ensure excellent penetration while the rocktip(only available in 6.3mm) is designed for close quater reef fish hunting. 270 degree polished wishbone notches and polished line holes (available in both single & double notch configurations) ensure minimum wear.

Each spear is mechanically decoiled from the heat treated bulk roll and hand straightened and quality checked before machining.

Quatro Phase coating ensures corrosion protection four to five times better than conventional Electrogalvanising.

Open Muzzle

Muzzle Eye

Closed Muzzle

Railgun Muzzles

A clear line of sight on Rob Allen open muzzles makes aiming
much easier and far more accurate. This muzzle is significantly smaller in profile than conventional muzzles which makes it
easier to maneuver as the drag has been dramatically reduced. Divers are able to view and track fast moving fish with ease.

Rob Allen glass reinforced nylon muzzles are designed so that
the primary band exerts its force along a line slightly below the
rail, holding the spear in the rail on firing. The band is fitted by slipping it into the retaining grips when it is stretched. The
secondary band in the double muzzle pulls from a hole lower
in the muzzle, thereby reducing barrel flex. The secondary
rubber must be retied or alternatively a Quickie wishbone
can be used. The entire muzzle is constructed from 30% glass reinforced
nylon with an internal spigot and outer skirt for additional
strength. The skirt also reduces stress concentration when
fitted to carbon barrels.


Railgun Reel

Vecta Reel

Constructed from 30% glass filled Nylon. Graphite filled acetyl bushes.


Stainless steel thread on the drag nut.


Dead end attachment to the spool being low ensures it is able to stand up to immense pressure.

Stainless wear surface around the line lead ensures that your line is able to run smoothly and will never wear into the reels line guide. Entire reel only weighs 95g and does not affect a gun’s handling when in use.

Cut-outs assist with drying of line.


Built to hold over 55 meters of 2mm line. Easily fitted to most Euro style guns and a dovetail bracket ensures easy removal.


Inflatable Floats

Inflatable floats are convenient for travelling. When deflated for travelling, it is a good idea to roll or fold length ways as this keeps the inner bladder in position.


The replaceable latex inner bladder is common to all sizes.


These floats can be inflated to a pressure of 0.5 bar for the 35 litre and the 20 litre. The 11 litre can be inflated to 1 bar.

Foam Filled Floats

The tough Polyethelene shell is blown with a high quality PU foam formulated to specific Rob Allen requirements .


The blowing agent and catalyst harden the foam into a closed cell structure with greatly increased density against the shell, thus increasing crush resistance for the day the float is dragged under by a sounding fish.

Belt Reel

Constructed from 30% glass filled nylon and stainless steel, ensures superior strength and zero rusting.

The stainless steel backing plate and bungie loop allows for quick fitting and removal of the belt reel. You no longer have to take weights off your belt each time - simply slide them apart and clip the backing plate directly to your belt.

The backing plate has an integrated handle, enabling you to remove the reel even while spinning to clip it onto a float. The width of the plate gives stability while rewinding the line.

The open style spool ensures rapid drying of your line after a dive and better control of line feed when rewinding. The spool, (the same one used on the gun reel), is able to hold 60m of 1.8mm dynema or 90m of 1.5mm dynema.

The stainless steel fairlead ensures that your line runs smoothly and will never wear into the guide. The quick release loop is easy to find by feel while fighting a fish.

Belt Reel Demo Video

Floatlynes & Bungees


Rob Allen Bungees are available in lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m and 15m. The elongation is limited to 3 x the relaxed rubber length by the 270kg Dynema security line linked to the end loops. When hunting big fish Bungees provide up to 45m additional line when fully stretched by a 10kg load, while simultaneously providing a strong yet gentle braking action. The TPE rubber is manufactured to our specifications to ensure excellent UV and solvent resistance.



Simply the best floatline in the market!


The tubing can streach to over double its length and is filled with soft braided dynema cord for strength.


Highly resistant and tangle free, a must have when bluewater hunting!!!