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Tanker Dive Bag

Gear Bags

Rob Allen bags are innovative products to protect your investment. Engineered to endure from polyester reinforced PVC, Rob Allen bags feature double stitching on all seams & ultra durable dual locking YKK zips.


Tanker dive bags are designed to fit everything and more into one bag. The Tanker features a side pocket designed to accommodate fins safely, a top pocket to hold smaleer items like your mask and a mesh insert to aid drying.


Spartan Gun Bag

Speargun Bags

Minimalist design for moderate transit conditions and lighter weight, the Spartan features unpadded reinforced PVC and heavy duty YKK zips.

Tanker Gun Bag

Extra wide and well padded the Tanker is a Rob Allen ultimate speargun transit bag.


Designed to withstand even the roughest handling the Tanker can accommodate up to 10 guns and also features an internal spear pouch to carry spears complete with rigging lines.


The tanker can also accommodate fins and other freedive gear.

Rubber Bands

All Rob Allen rubber is manufactured by Dip processing. While costing more this enables fewer additives to be used, enhancing performance on a gun. The coloured outer layer increase protection from the environment and the amber inner core is purer for performance.

Available in 16, 18 and 20mm diameters, 16mm for lighter spears and double rubber guns, 18mm as an intermediate choice, while 20mm rubber is ideal for longer single rubber guns with heavy spears.

Wishbone Tool & Wishbones

Ruggedly constucted from quality marine grade stainless steel, T-bar wishbone tools dramatically increase the speed and ease with which rubbers can be made. Eliminate long nose pliers and snubbed fingers, simply lubricate with saliva or Silicone oil and effortlessly insert the wishbone into rubber.

Made from Glass reinforced Nylon inserts with 180kg Dynema


The advent of Flashers changed Bluewater hunting completely. Human visual capabilities are limited in the water and many Gamefish pass a spearfisherman by without being seen. A well designed Flasher will stimulate a predator to change course and investigate it by reflecting light and emitting vibrations when “worked” in the water. This results in increased fish sightings as well as more shooting opportunities when they pause to look at the flasher.

Flashers should be deployed within visibility and shallow enough to allow any fish to be approached before they lose interest – usually between 6m and 12m deep. Any more effective and they would be illegal!

X-Blade & Holster

The Rob Allen X-Blade Knife represents two years in development and it’s been a long wait for those spearo's eager to get their hands on the new knife from Rob Allen. The Rob Allen X-Blade Knife features an extremely low profile design so it can't accidentally hook up on your shooting line or on your float line. It comes with a 105cm sharp blade that’s strong enough to handle any heavy duty fish. The steel used in the blade is manufactured in one complete section from the tip of the knife to the very end of the handle which ensures an extremely strong blade that won't snap out of the handle unlike other knives on the market.

Wishbone/Bridle Constrictor Line -  Wishbone bridal tie line is a loose Polyester Braid to increase knot security after tying.


Dynema 1.8mm Spear Line - This 180kg breaking strain braided line has increased stiffness to reduce tangling


Dynema Flat Braid Line  - This soft line is used inside Bungees and has strength equal to the spear line.





Spear Bungee 





Spear line bungees make rigging of the gun easier when using low stretch 2mm Nylon or Dynema. They also reduce the chance of the line slipping off the release hook when diving in turbulent conditions. Cored through with 180kg softweave Dynema and also available with Snapclip/swivel attached.

Ideal attachment point for floatlines, floats and Railguns.
Spring stainless steel ensures that the clips will last a lifetime.

Specially formulated for Rob Allen, the spray prolongs
rubber life, displaces moisture, lubricates wishbones
when they are fitted and protects your gear.


The breakaway system connects a floatline directly to the spear line, allowing the gun to be retained by the diver after firing. A small bungee is pulled part way through a stainless steel ring fitted to the mechanism. The attached loop hooks onto the line release and will only allow the bungee to deploy when the spear had left the mechanism.

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